Legendary Warrior
March 1, 2004
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Remember the Magic
January 6, 2004
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Love Me Forever
February 1, 2003
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Isle Of Lies
February 26, 2002
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Magical Moments
November 1, 1999
Available: March 31, 2008
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Donna Fletcher

Donna's imagination took flight at an early age and continued to soar. Place or time didn't matter when a story struck she was soon lost in a world of her own creation. It's no different today, standing in line in the grocery store, waiting in traffic or gardening her mind continues to conjure and take flight.

She's had characters introduce themselves in dreams or in the midst of a family party and on airplanes. She welcomes the intrusions for she knows these insistent characters will make for amazing stories.

Donna has written twelve historical romances and part of the fun in writing she admits is doing the research. Getting lost in Scotland in 1514 proved exciting and learning about pirates and the high seas thrilled and surprised her.

Her three paranormal romances, Wedding Spell, Magical Moments and Magical Memories, took her into the world of magic though it is not a foreign place to her. She has studied many mystical aspects over the last ten years and has gained much knowledge in the field. And she hopes to continue writing paranormal as well as historical romances.

But it is with her characters she has the most fun. She loves giving life to fresh and exciting characters and they never cease to surprise her. She feels their excitement as they face the pleasures and pitfalls of falling in love, for love is truly a grand adventure and Donna is definitely as adventurous as her characters.

Donna?s own adventures have taken her to England, Ireland and Scotland. She has walked the fields were battles were fought centuries ago, toured haunted castles, stood where beheadings were commonplace, explored the mystics mounds of long ago and collected a plethora of memories and research that will live long in her heart and mind.

She has also traveled in the USA, climbing the red rocks of Sedon, Arizona, conversing with the manatees and dolphins in Marco Island, Florida, listening to the whispers of ghosts in the old homes of historic Savanna, Georgia and enjoying the Cajun food and music of New Orleans.

Having been born and bred in New Jersey Donna travels frequently within the tri-state area visiting the museums in New York City, catching the fall foliage upstate New York, exploring the quaint and unique shops in New Hope, PA and enjoying the summers at the Jersey shore.

She also loves exploring and photographing old abandoned homes and she often takes long walks in the woods with camera in hand. She feels her life is rich and full having three terrific sons and two, plus one-soon-to-be fantastic daughter-in-laws. An endless supply of friends, two loving dogs and a crazy black, one-eyed cat named Bear.

What more could one want in life?


Her smile is huge for she admits that she has the most wonderfully romantic man in her life that any woman could ask for and he is just as crazy and adventurous as she is!

Nominated for PEARL AWARD 1999
MAGICAL MOMENTS - Finalist: Best Fantasy/Magical

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