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Leslie Tramposch

Paranormalromance Groups Manager
Managing Editor - PNR
PNR Reviewer

Leslie Tramposch is the Managing Editor of the PNR website, as well as list owner and a moderator of the paranormalromance list.

Her interest in reviewing was sparked when she joined a local romance reader's list, pghromance. The group introduced her to the wonderful world of romance lists on the net. Before long she had found a home at paranormalromance where she became a strong advocate for her favorite romance sub-genre.

A real time meeting with the pghromancers led to a road trip to the Celebrate Romance Conference 1999, held in Philadelphia, where Leslie met Sara Reyes. When Leslie inherited the para list, she asked Sara to be co moderator.

In the next year they launched the PNR website at geocities, along with a new award, PEARL, dedicated solely to the sub-genre. Half a year later, PNR moved to Writerspace. And the rest, as they say is history.

Leslie's love of the paranormal sub-genre began when she first read "A Dark and Stormy Night" by Anne Stuart. "I had no idea these kind of books were out there. It was so different. I was very excited and couldn't wait to find more like it. When I discovered the para list, I knew I'd found my online home! I am now the owner of a huge TBR pile. On reviews: I'm an eclectic reader, so I love reviewing all types, but para will always be my first love."

A native Pittsburgher, Leslie is married with three children, all of whom she is delighted to say enjoy paranormal literature. Her oldest daughter has expressed an interest in reviewing YA novels!

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Sara Reyes

Marketing Director - PNR
Publicity - P.E.A.R.L

Sara manages all advertising, publicity and promotion for PNR and P.E.A.R.L., as well as the technical aspect of the PNR Reviews database.

A "readaholic" she reads over 12 books per week plus assorted other periodicals, business materials, technical documents and cans, boxes and assorted packages, billboards, buses, taxi windows, banners and other things. Romance books have appealed since the early 1980s and she has managed to create a library of over 10,000 books.

Her husband sent out her resume when it came to his attention that her monthly book spending limited him to one album a quarter (hey, it was back in the 80s! I wondered why those people called for interviews.) Now a management project consultant, she has the resources to fund her reading habit.

Truly TBR-challenged, Sara finds it near-to-impossible to have books in her vicinity without reading. Something about little voices calling her name. So, she spends most waking hours reading when not being disturbed by business obligations, wifely duties, motherly activities, friends' gatherings, and e-mail perusing.

As to reviews, she finds it difficult to sugar-coat her opinions to the degree required, besides, it would take away from the time spent reading more books! However, there are a few reviews out there so if you look really hard, you might stumble over one.

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Desiree (Dee) Gentle

PNR Reviewers Editor - PNR Reviews
Feature Columnist - Paraphernalia E-zine
PNR Reviewer

I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts. After relocating to sunny Central Florida years ago, I earned my degree from the University of Central Florida, where I majored in education, and minored in writing and humanities. Teaching my keeps me on my toes, and provides plenty of ideas for my interest in writing for children. My reading interests are quite diverse, and range from Eric Carle to Stephen King. My book collection is equally diverse, and is currently threatening to force us from our home. I love romance novels, especially with paranormal elements. So many books, so little time.

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Mippy Carlson

New Releases Editor - PNR
PNR Reviewer

Mippy a thirty-something stay at home mom who has a passion and love of books. She'll read just about anything and everything, including, but not limited to backs of cereal boxes, the latest gossip rags, and even her 1st grader's teacher's weekly newsletters, on occasion. She's a readaholic who will read biographies, mystery & thrillers, horror, military stories - true and not-so-true, and of course, romance. Her only problem is trying to find enough time within the 24 hours she's given to fit her reading addictions in with the toting around of her two kids, keeping the house semi- presentable, and attempting to cook edible homemade meals for the hubby and kids - which is much harder than her mom made it sound!

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Angelique Armae

PNWriters Group: Co-moderator
Feature Columnist - Inklings E-zine

Josephine Piraneo is an award winning author, known professionally as Angelique Armae (and M.A. duBarry). She is also a digital artist. Her books have garnered numerous awards and nominations including the P.E.A.R.L. Awards, Sapphire Awards, CAPA Awards and Bloody Dagger Awards. Her first book, COME THE NIGHT, made Fictionwise's 'Best of the Best' list, rounding out the top five best selling dark fantasy books of the year.

Miss Piraneo has also received several awards for her 3d art, including the Dream Realm Award and the AQP Readers Choice Award. Her photo-realistic image 'Donovan2' hangs in E-Frontier's (the makers of POSER software) digital gallery.

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Barbara Sheridan

PNWriters Group: Co-moderator
PNR Literary Adviser

A published author, Barb was "born" to write paranormals. While her grade school friends were playing with Barbie and Ken and reading about the Little House on the Prairie Ms. Sheridan was devouring biographies of beheaded Queens Anne Boleyn and Marie Antoinette and building plastic models of Dracula and the Mummy to decorate her room (in which she is certain she once saw a ghost walk).

The writing bug took its first nibble in high school then bit hard a few years later after Barbara discovered Anne Rice's "Interview with the Vampire" and soon after the books of Stephen King.

After selling a number of horror/dark fantasy short stories to small press magazines in the late 80's and early 90's. With romantic elements managing to creep into those early paranormal stories Barbara began writing with romance as the major theme but it wasn't long before a minor character in a western historical informed her than no 19th century woman could ever capture his heart.

That character's nudge turned into Barbara Sheridan's debut novel Timeless Wish published in April 1999 as part of the Jove Time Passages series. That character, Corby Hillhouse, knew what he was talking about and Timeless Wish was chosen as the Golden Leaf winner for best first book at the 1999 New Jersey Romance Writers' Conference! Her second Jove book Silver Rain due out in May 2000 is a Magical Love features a twist on the Sleeping Beauty theme, a reluctant witch, magical cats and humor.

Barb's love for writing and knowledge of the publishing world made her a natural choice to interview other sub-genre authors.

Barbara Sheridan lives in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with her two daughters (one affectionately referred to as The Demon Child) and is currently working on a romantic suspense tale featuring a time traveling detective and a straight western historical romance.

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Deborah Macgillivray

Chat Coordinator: The Haunt at PNR
PNR Reviewer

Deborah MacGillivray is a paranormal romance author, Chat Coordinator for The Haunt at PNR, and a PNR book reviewer as well.

She has spent twenty years helping sort, restore and transcribe the history of her family in Scotland and England. In her family’s history she found inspiration for her debut novel, A Restless Knight, set in the year before the rising of William Wallace. The Invasion of Falgannon Isle will be followed by Riding the Thunder and are the first stories in the Seven Sisters series for Love Spell.

She was raised spending half the year in Britain, the rest in Kentucky, receiving an education on both sides of the pond. Deborah lives with her husband and her marvelous moggie, Foutchie. She collects swords, knives, and loves to dance.

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